Ugly Christmas Lights: Letters to Santa

As with any site, we have our fair share of controversy.
As such, here is our fan mail with Santa’s responses!
I love morons like you. People try and do nice things for their neighborhoods and all you can do is denigrate it. Go out to the farthest reaches of the desert where you can’t see these ‘monstrosities’ put earphones on live your moronic existance out of reach of people that appreciate all the work that goes into it.
Wait. You’re calling me a “moron”, and yet you think these people are doing nice things for their neighborhoods? What are you smoking? Oh, also, you may want to get a thesaurus; see, I can call you an idiot, a doofus, a dumbass, stupid, and lots of other things before I need to repeat any of them. Feel free to appreciate the work. I, and a lot of other people, will laugh at it.
your site is sad, i thought that i was going to see something really funny, but instead you make fun of peoples hard work and christmas spirit. now that’s not very merry, is it?
OK. You go on a site called “”. Do you expect to see lights with frowny faces, or in the shape of ugly things? No. You expect to see exactly what is said on the main page; the garish, the ugly, the weird. That’s exactly that’s what you get. I wonder about the Christmas spirit behind some of these displays, don’t you?
your website sucks and you need some better pitcures
Ah, quiet activism. No pictures were attached to this, and nor would I expect any from someone so verbose. I guess you care enough to tell me the site sucks, but not enough to improve it with any wonders of photography.
Okay so called Santa, some of these picture were the worst light I have seen but the most of them were great. You need to get a life or a Christmas Spirit at least.
Santa is not in need of Christmas Spirit! Santa has Christmas Spirit up the wazoo! It’s just that Santa can’t help it if people show their Christmas Spirit in decidedly odd ways!
A “true” Santa would never say any Xmas lights are “ugly” … however, beauty can be in the eyes of the beholder.
Exactly. Someone who gets it!
I am very upset and wish to express that it takes a very small person to design a website that actually makes fun of a family’s xmas lights. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the funds for the “fancy smancy”, “outdo the smiths” broohaha that is displayed every year. I guess your xmas lights were purchased, delivered and set up by some extravagant xmas light store. Shame on you! I also intend on writing the site that had this link listed and tell her what poor taste she also possesses. Hopefully she will remove the link.
You must not be looking at the site. MOST of the ones that are pictured ARE of the fancy-smancy, out-do the smiths variety. Have you looked at The Army, Phonics, or even Inspiration? You will never see my lights on this site. Why? Because I don’t feel the need to be wholly ornate or ridiculous in the way I celebrate my holiday. Besides, most cameras freeze at the north pole!
you really hate christmas that much. you people are very very sad.
Who said anything about hating Christmas? Santa doesn’t think you have much of a sense of humor!
Ok, how did you find my neighborhood? No, seriously, thank you for exposing some of those who go to such excess. Can you imagine living next to those nightmares? Phew!
You’re very welcome. Part of the point is to illustrate that this happens in EVERY neighborhood!
I live in Thailand. The only places over here that string up lights like that are whorehouses.
Hey, I bet they have interesting plastic figures outside!
This is the real reason Texas now has a $200.00 fine for Christmas lights left up on January 1st!
You hear that, you Texans? Get me your pics soon!
I think 99% of these pictures were an insult to the people that tried to make nice statements during the holidays. I wish my neighbors would put up any kind of decorations. I would not be offended by any of those shown in your collection. You are weird and rude to make fun of others during this joyous season.
Let me get this straight. I am weird and rude, and the people with the awful inflatable snowmen on their lawns aren’t? I bet you didn’t know that some people are sending me their own houses to put on display. Santa will be wrapping a good present to put under your tree – a sense of humor!
Excess is success!!!
I believe this philosophy is why this site exists.
i would like to see a pic of your house’s lights, since you find yourself to be such a good judge of whats bad.
I don’t put lights up because I don’t want to end up on my own site!
I just found your site and now have a goal to aspire to. I want to make your web site. I promise to do my best to be “That Neighbor”. Thanks for the inspiration.
For your sake, you’re welcome. For your neighbors’ sakes, I’m sorry.
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