Ugly Christmas Lights: Picture Taking Tips

We here at Ugly Christmas receive a lot of submissions throughout the year. Unfortunately, some of them are simply not usable on the website because they’d cause massive headaches to everyone that saw them.
With that in mind, here are some tips for taking pictures to submit:
1. Use a digital camera. Santa uses a Canon PowerShot S400.
2. Take pictures with the appropriate lighting. Pictures of lights don’t work too well if they’re taken during the daytime.
3. If you are taking pictures of lights or lit figurines at night, do NOT use a flash.
4. If you are taking pictures of lights, hold the camera VERY still. The slightest movement can make the picture VERY blurry.
5. Take more than one picture. Sometimes, pictures that look good in the viewscreen of the camera do not come out when they are full sized.
6. Don’t get caught! Santa just finds it more fun that way.
7. Have fun laughing at the ridiculous displays!